The Flash Bar Generation 2.0 – Sink and Ice Bins

flash bar modular bar sink

It was around this time last year that we were preparing the launch of our all-new modular Flash Bar. The goal was to create the ultimate modular bar for events that could be easily transported, set up fast, and beautifully designed so that you have a professional looking bar no matter where you are serving.

The innovation was in the modular design. Since the bar assembles in segments, you could choose as many segments as you needed to expand and shape the bar to exactly the shape and size you wanted for your setting.

This means a caterer can set up a long, straight segment outside for a wedding or festival and a restaurant, hotel, or bar could create a smaller curved bar to match their floorspace.

The introduction of this concept has been received overwhelming well with customers from craft brewers in Portland, to restaurants in Florida, to trade shows in Vegas.

We’ve listened to all of our Flash Bar customers to understand their needs and how they are using the bar and we are excited to launch the next generation of the Flash Bar.

Generation 2.0 of the Flash Bar – Sinks and Ice Bins

We’ve designed a modular straight segment with a cutout for a sink or ice bin fixture. We’ve sourced a custom sink and ice bin that fits the cutout perfectly making the Flash Bar multi-functional to meet all of your serving needs.

flash bar pop up bar sink

The Flash Bar Sink

We know the importance of space so we made sure to find a sink that was deep enough to wash plenty of glassware and provide a sanitary hand washing station. This is a crucial function in the food and beverage industry and we are excited to solve this problem with a modular segment that gives you the choice of when and where to use it.

The sink is stainless steel and durable so it will last after plenty of use and wear and tear. The sink has a water attachment on the bottom that will easily hook up to any water supply available as well as easily drain out into a bucket when necessary.

The bottom shelf will easily store a bucket or any other necessary sink supplies, like soap, cleaners, napkins, straws, and extra glassware making the Flash Bar a completely self-sustained unit.

Here are the sink dimensions: 
Inside (basin): 17″ W x 12″L x 7.5″ depth
Outside trim, including the faucet and controls:  19″W x 17″

flash bar modular bar sinkThe Flash Bar Ice Bins

Very similar to the Flash Bar sink, the ice bins fit in the same cut out space so you can swap in an ice bin or sink depending on your need. Or if you’r serving space is large enough, you can set up two of the modular straight segments; one with a sink and one with an ice bin.

That’s the beauty of a modular bar, it’s customizable to any situation.

The ice bins will allow you to store and keep beverages cold within the bar, saving space and increasing efficiency.

LEDs to Light the Working Surface

Lastly, the second generation of the Flash Bar will have LEDs that light up the inside of the bar so you will have more visibility when you are serving at night or in dim lighted venues.

The lead time on all of these features including the 60 degree corner piece we wrote about last week is still at least 8-10 weeks out but we always strive to include our customers and audience in the development stages.

What do you think about the ice bin/sink cut out in the new modular segment? We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call 1-877-404-8069 or email at

Have you built a Flash Bar yet?

Have you checked out our free online tool that let’s you build your own custom Flash Bar? The bar builder allows you to add segments to expand and shape the bar and calculates the price and square footage in real time. If you are not ready to purchase your design, you can have a copy emailed to you to save or print out for later reference.

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Flash Bar Pop up Bar Builder

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss