How to use the Flash Bar- Silver Moon Brewing Pop-up Bar

silvermoon flashbar pop up bar

Here is our Starter Bar which comes with two metal end caps. Silver Moon added custom branding with their logo.

The Flash Bar was designed for events. We wanted to make a bar that could be customized and expanded to fit your needs.

Whether you are hosting a small party or a large outdoor festival, the Flash Bar can be used to CREATE the atmosphere that you want.

This is exactly how Silver Moon Brewing in Bend, Oregon are using our Flash Bar and we are excited to share their story.

Who is Silver Moon Brewing?

Silver Moon Brewing is the third oldest brewery in Bend, Oregon and is known for its award-winning pilsner, stout, lager, porter, and specialty releases.

A popular location in Bend, you can stop by their Brewery for a tour or grab a bite and catch some live music in their Tap Room.

Very active in their community, you can also find Silver Moon Brewing out at a local event in Bend.

Pop-up Pub for local Events

Silver Moon Brewing has a pop-up pub they call the Silver Moon Rover that they use to host, sponsor, or attend local events in Bend such as weddings, festivals, parties, beer brewing contests, bachelor parties and backyard bashes.

The Rover consists of their Silver Moon branded van and Flash Bar.

When the Flash bar is set up in full, it consists of 5 straight segments and two corner pieces to create a long, wrap-around bar that serves as the front of the pub with the van in back.

They even have their own stools so that people can sit down at the bar and hang out like a real pub. Not only do they use it for their events, but they also rent the pop-up pub out, which generates additional revenue and ROI on the Flash Bar.

Check out some photos from their recent events below:


Great for festivals and shows, the Flash Bar sets up on any turf to create a stand out, permanent feel, yet it’s easy to setup, move and transport.

Silvermoon Flash Bar pop up bar

The Flash Bar, err-uhm Silvermoon Pub, in action giving their customers a cool place to hang out and enjoy their favorite brew!

Silvermoon Flash modular bar

Here’s a side shot of the pop-up pub. We love the custom branding Silver Moon put onto the Flash Bar.

Silvermoon Flash Bar pop up bar

Icecream, beer, friends. Gotta love summer!

Great for any size event

Silver Moon Brewing can expand or shorten the Flash Bar to match any event they are attending. For large festivals or weddings with a lot of people, they can set the bar up in full and use as many bartenders necessary to serve their brews.

On smaller events like trade shows and beer tastings where they are confined to a smaller space, they can setup a smaller bar to accommodate the space. For instance, they can use the single Starter bar and one bartender to take up the minimum amount of space possible.

No matter the size of the event, Silver Moon will stand out above everyone else with their professional looking, custom branded bar.

Different Configurations

With five straight bars and two corner pieces, Silver Moon Brewing can set up different configurations, molding and shaping the Flash Bar to fit the serving area.

Setups include: straight bars, U-bars, L-bars, and wrap-around bars. Some examples below:


Build-a-Bar Page Coming Soon

We are working on a “build-your-own-bar” functionality on the Flash Bar page that will allow you to select different bar segments to create and design your own custom bar. This should be available in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that.

You will also be able to purchase the Flash Bar online once this is set up.

Update: Silver Moon Wins Best Use of a Ram Van and is Featured on

Silver Moon’s Rover Van has won “best use of a Ram Van” and was featured on Not only does the van provide a “marketing platform” for Silver Moon, but they’ve also installed a tap system on the side of the van that allows them to pour and serve beer right out of the truck! Check out the video and full story here. Congrats guys, keep rocking!