Sale on the Portable Back Bar until September 30th!

The Back Bar is one of our coolest products. If you host any sort of event, the Back Bar is a MUST  have. The bar can be used as a:

  1. Transaction bar to make sales
  2. Rolling cart to transport supplies and set up for an event
  3. Folding ice/beverage cooler to keep drinks cold and serve guests

The Back Bar is versatile, well-made, and on sale until the end of September. Now is your chance to save $150 on this multi-functional bar!

Watch the video below.
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Make Sales with the Back Bar

The Back Bar has two ice bins to store beverages and drinks. In the middle is a large cutting board to cut garnishes, accommodate hot plates or glassware, or use as a transaction counter top to make sales and take tips.

All you need to do is roll the bar out to where you want to serve guests, load up with beverages and have a bartender work the event and you’re in business.

Add the optional LED package or branding to the front panel to really stand out from the crowd, attract attention, and add some excitement to your event (all of which helps increase beverage sales).

back-bar2 (1)


Transport Everything You Need in a Rolling Cart

The Back Bar rolls on four heavy-duty casters that will move over most tough terrain. Inside the Back Bar is a folding steel grid that supports LOTS of storage space. This is great for caterers or event planners that need to transport supplies from location to location.

Use the open space under the Back Bar to carry beverages, glassware, cups, napkins, plates, table clothes, bar supplies, food, etc. You can even use the ice bins on top of the bar for extra storage. Roll everything over to the hosting area and set up for your event with a full bar.

Why use a regular rolling cart that you are going to have to hide or bring back, when everything you need is contained in the Back Bar.

Portable Back Bar

Keep Drinks Cold and Serve Guests

The Back Bar is a bar after all. With two ice bins, the bar keeps drinks nice and cold and is a perfect station to serve your event guests from. Whether the drinks are free or for sale, the Back Bar is a great solution to store and cool the beverages.

Use the storage space under the Back Bar for extra inventory! No more running back to the closet or van for more stock. Keep it all secure and in one convenient place.

The Back Bar is like one of those big Gatorade rolling ice bins. Except it’s better because you can use the Back Bar to make sales and store items below on the steel grid.

When the event is done, fold up the Back Bar in less than 1 minute and be on your way. The bar saves space when it is not being used and easily fits into storage or a van for transport.

Key Features of the Back BarBack Bar Features

  • Modular Working Surface
  • High Grade Steel Storage Grid
  • Designer White Finish
  • Sliding Translucent White Acrylic Panels
  • Set up time: Less than 1 minute
  • Rolls on Four Casters
  • Customizable panels,
  • Two Ice Bins
  • Large Cutting Board
  • Optional LED package


  • Folds to 7 inches
  • Weighs 120lbs
  • 28″ wide by 35.5″ tall by 54.5″ long





On Sale Until September 30th – $849 (save $150)

Learn more about the Back Bar and take advantage of the sale on the product page here.

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss