New Flash Bar Segment- 60 Degree Corner Piece

FB Modular Bar Conf I 03-rev

The 60 Degree Corner Piece

When we developed the idea for the Flash Bar, we envisioned the ultimate modular bar that you could customize and mold to your desire. We worked hard on the modular components and introduced the first version comprised of a straight segment and 90 degree corner piece.

This was the first step to creating the best modular, professional bar and the feedback from our customers has been phenomenal.

We’ve been working tirelessly to introduce the next generation of the Flash Bar- the 60 degree corner piece.

flash bar pop up bar

The 60 Degree Corner Piece is made of high grade steel and connects to the rest of the Flash Bar segments easily for a strong, durable modular bar.

The 60 degree corner piece expands the number of configurations and designs possible with the Flash Bar. Now you can create bars with wider, smoother corners for shapes like open V’s and hexagons.

60 degree corner piece flash bar pop up bar

flash bar modular bar


Flash Bar Engraving

With this second production run, we had the end caps engraved and branded with the words “Flash Bar.” We think this adds a nice, professional touch to the Flash Bar and are excited to get it out there.

The Flash Bar is elegant and like no other portable bar on the market and we want everyone to know it. This is the Mercedes of portable bars and the engraving is a sign of that luxury. Maybe, that’s a funny way to think about it, but we put a lot of time into the design and function of our portable bars to ensure the best quality on the market.
modular bar

Next Upcoming Feature- Flash Bar Sink and Ice bins

The initial response to the Flash Bar was great, but a lot of people told us they needed a sink and ice bins on the bar. We always listen to our customers feedback to improve our products so we are currently working on the design of these new features.

Adding a sink and ice bins to the Flash Bar will give the bar more function like our other portable bars.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback on new Flash Bar features. What do you want to see?

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Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss