The Profit Potential a Rental Company Creates with a Portable Bar


Most rental companies average $60 to $200+ in profit for every portable bar rental. Offering a line of portable bars is a great way to generate additional revenue from every customer. Think of all the events that use portable bars: weddings, birthdays, corporate events, festivals, concerts, conventions, graduations and almost any other special event. Portable bars rent year-round simply because they are needed at almost every event or special occasion.

Depending where you are located in the U.S. a portable bar will typically pay for itself in under 14 rentals. During the busy spring/summer season the average rental company will rent out a portable bar an average of 2 days every week, that means that the rental company makes their initial investment back in about seven weeks. Some rental company’s we’ve supplied have made over $6,000 renting our professional portable bar in the very first year!

The rental industry is all about the equipment you have to offer. Rental companies target very similar customers and it’s up to you to carry the equipment the customer is looking for. Customers budgets vary significantly, so having several options available is key.

Once the portable bar has been rented enough times to pay off any initial cost, just like any inventory item, it becomes pure profit. Try researching the portable bar rental market in your area and pull pricing from your local competition to get a better idea of the profit potential a portable bar has in your area. Keep in mind, If you decide to invest in a higher end portable bar, but your competitors are renting the low end portable bars, you will want to have a higher rental cost.

Here is an infographic showing the average rental cost of BASE MODEL portable bars in various locations throughout the Unites States: The Portable Bar Company bars generally rent at much higher rates.

***Pricing based off Base Model portable bar 49″ height 62.75″ width dimensions with no add on’s. Optional LED’s, laminates & graphics should increase rental pricing***



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