Save $200 on All LED Lights.

You'll have to excuse us for bragging, but we think this look pretty sweet.

You’ll have to excuse us for bragging, but we think the LEDs and custom printed graphic look is pretty sweet.

Beginning this month, we’ve reduced the price to add an LED lighting package to all of our products from $499 to  $299.

The LED lighting package includes LED strips pre-installed in your bar and a remote to adjust the lighting to over 130 different options at the push of a button so it’s easy to match the lights with any venue or theme.

You’ll also get an 8 hour rechargeable battery as well so you won’t have to rely on being near an outlet to keep the LEDs running (and turning heads) all night long.

If you want to really do it right, you can add custom graphics to the front, side, and top panel. If you want our opinion, it’s a pretty sweet combination. Of course, we’re not biased or anything.

Call Us at (619) 817-8242 for more information or a custom quote.

You can also see what each of our products looks like with LED lights added by going to the product page and selecting “Add LEDs” from the drop-down menu on the right side.

Standard Bar Product Page

Professional Portable Bar Product Page

Portable Back Bar Product Page

If you have any questions, give us a call: (619) 817-824