How to Stock Your Portable Bar: Mixer, Garnishes, and Liqueur

Corporate Event Planning Tips

Corporate Event Planning Tips (Photo credit: EddieDeen)

Do you have a catering event coming up with a portable bar?  What are you going to put in it?  Well that depends really on the event. We’ve  talked about the the basics: vodka, rum, beer, wine, etc.  But things like mixers, garnishes, and liqueurs can get a bit tricky.  It’s also a matter of knowing how much to bring.


Have a good stock of mixers on hand including coca cola, sprite, tonic water, soda water, and juices ready.  You might want to consider bringing smaller cans instead of larger bottles since it makes clean up easier.  Keep in mind too that you are at a portable bar which means you don’t have much space.  The smaller cans will give you more room liquor and larger wine bottles while still have the space to actually make your drinks.  It will also be less to bring back with you at the end of the event.


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English: tanqueray martini: (citrus, gin, martini, tanqueray 10, lime, twist, drink, drinking, Friday, cocktail) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can never have enough garnishes.  Bring them all.  Cherries, oranges, lemons, limes, and don’t forget the olives for the dirty martini’s. To help save time you can pre-slice everything the morning or evening before.  Keep it stored in a cold refrigerator if you do however so they will be fresh for the event.  Take a look at what other items you are bringing and if there are any specialty drinks that require specialty garnishes such as oranges or blue cheese stuffed olives.


Check the function sheet to know what you need.  Also take a look at what type of event it is.  This can give you clues as to what you need.  If it’s a 50th anniversary, you might want to bring some extra vermouth.  If it’s a younger crowd, you more than likely won’t need much.  If in doubt, you can always check with the event planner or host.  Have them ask the client what specifically the crowd likes to drink.  This will help you avoid bring extra bottles of that you don’t need instead of bringing the most popular drink amongst the crowd.

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