Custom Portable Bar and Back Bar Manufacture

If you’re interested in producing a custom solution, we can offer you over 20 years of design and manufacture experience and are wiling to work with you on custom manufacture projects for portable bars and back bars.

We have the in-house capabilities to provide you with everything you need all the way from concept through manufacture and distribution.

If you contact us, we’ll put you in touch with our in-house design team to craft a custom concept that meets your design and budget needs. We’ve created concepts for a host of different industries including custom promotion for new product line launches, espresso or coffee bars, and self-service breakfast bars.

Once you’re satisfied with the design concept, we’ll produce a sample run of the product for your final approval. This will allow you to physically see and interact with the portable bar or back bar set to ensure it meets your exact specifications and needs.

We’ll then produce a full run of the desired number of units for your product. We have robust manufacturing capabilities for large custom orders at our production facilities so we’re able to accomodate large orders for national rollouts.

Your products will then be shipped and stored in our warehouse and shipped out to the locations you need them at, when you need them. We have all the infrastructure and logistical capabilities for national rollouts and will store your custom portable bars in our warehouse then ship them out to individual locations as they need them. You won’t have to deal with any logistic issues besides telling us where and when you want each piece delivered.

Crowne Plaza Breakfast Bar

Custom Breakfast Bar Concept Designed to Increae Revenue by Encouraging Busy Travelers to Grab Breakfast on the go

Custom Breakfast Bar Concept Designed to Increae Revenue by Encouraging Busy Travelers to Grab Breakfast on the go

Here’s a project design we did for Crowne Plaza Hotels. They were pushing an initiative to use portable bars as a way of serving to go breakfast sacks and needed a solution from concept to manufacture.

We designed a custom solution that would accommodate all the equipment needed as well as a custom point of sale ipad checkout.

Our design featured custom laser cut sheet metal and acrylic panels to provide the upscale look demanded by a luxury brand  while preserving the functional integrity of the product.

If you’re interested in a custom portable bar solution, please contact us.

Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss