Portable Bars For Home

Buying portable bars for home is very different than shopping for commercial portable bars. While you’ll still be concerned about finding the best quality product for your budget, your needs and considerations will usually differ from those of a promoter or caterer looking for a portable bar for their next party or event. You’ll likely spend significantly less time moving your portable home bar from venue to venue, meaning portability may be less of a concern. By the same token, your mobile bar will generally encounter less wear and tear, meaning heavy duty construction and the highest grade materials may be less of a priority.

When should you consider buying portable bars for home?

Do you entertain large parties?

If you’re looking for portable bars for the home, your needs certainly won’t be the same as the next shopper’s. One of the most important considerations when shopping for a portable bar for home is the size and scale of the parties you intend to host. There is a significant difference between the needs of someone who likes to host intimate backyard barbecues for a dozen or so close friends versus the needs of someone who hosts large parties with a hundred invitees and their guests.

What types of parties do you host?

The type of party you host will affect the type of bar that’s most appropriate for your needs. If you’re hosting a bunch of friends for casual beer and some simple, classic cocktails – then the appearance of your portable bar can be more casual as well. If you host formal events or frequently invite guests you’re looking to impress, then it’s important that the bar you choose projects a classy, professional appearance as well.

Do you entertain indoors, outdoors, or both?

If you’re entertaining exclusively indoors, you may have more flexibility in choosing materials. For example, a portable wood bar for example wouldn’t be appropriate if you host events outdoors, but may be suitable in a den. If you frequently host outdoors parties, you might want to consider purchasing a portable bar that comes with a lighting option. Not only is this practical for those inevitable late nights, but the right lighting can be an affordable way to add a cool, trendy vibe to your event.

Are you hiring a professional bartender?

If you’re hiring a professional bartender or you’re an experienced bartender yourself, then you’ll want to purchase a portable bar with features that make the bartender’s life easy. Simple touches like a towel/paper towel holder, knife holder, ice bin, cutting board, cup racks, and additional storage space help keep your bar organized and efficient. On the other hand if your drink mixing requirements go no further than a rum and coke or a whiskey on the rocks, then a simple portable bar table with a bit of storage space will do the trick.

Professional vs. Standard Bar From The Portable Bar Company

Both The Professional and Standard Portable Bars from The Portable Bar Company come in a sleek, versatile powder white design that works in both casual as well as formal settings. If you entertain large parties, then The Professional Portable Bar with its added size and features is the right bar for you. For those who value simplicity and cost-effectiveness, The Standard Portable Bar has everything that you’re looking for.

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