Portable Bars For Events

Portable Bar for Events

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Purchasing a commercial portable bar for events involves a different set of  considerations than purchasing a portable bar for a home. Mobile, portable bars for events not only need to be highly portable in order to accommodate being moved around from venue to venue or inside of a single venue, they also need to be durable enough to handle the wear and tear that comes with that.

Beyond mobility, portable bars for events need to be able to handle a large volume of guests/customers effectively. While you could always consider a portable bar rental for a one-time event, investing in the right mobile bar makes a lot of sense if your business revolves around events or hospitality.


Whether you’re an event promoter, a party planner, a caterer, or a private event bartender, ensuring that you’re able to move your portable bar to and from various events and venues should be a key priority.

Consider the logistics of transporting your mobile bar – will you have a team in place to transfer equipment and set up the bar? What kind of vehicle do you have available for transport? These questions will help you choose a mobile bar that’s best suited for your needs.

Our Professional Portable Bar and Standard Portable Bar are designed with portability in mind. Whether you work solo or have a team in place, both portable can be easily setup or packed by a single person in 5 minutes or less. They both feature 6 heavy-duty, locking casters which easily allow a single person to roll it into place and lock it down for stability.

Both portable bars fold up to less than 16″ in diameter so you can easily roll them away and store them when you’re finished using them.


While mobile bars for events should be easy to setup, tear down, and store, they also need to have the capacity to handle a larger volume of guests than portable bars intended for private use. Generally speaking, there is a trade-off between serving capacity and portability – serving capacity is sacrificed in the interest of portability.

Both our Professional Portable Bar and Standard Portable Bar are designed to balance portability with the ability to serve a high volume of guests/customers. Both bars comes with a large speed rail capable of handling 18 750ml bottles, a sleek counter designed to maximize serving space, double ice bins,  and cutting boards.

The Professional Portable Bar also features 3 mounting brackets for beer taps, cup racks, and folding shelving/storage space designed to handle large parties and events.


portable bars for events

A portable bar for events

Durability of Portable Bars for Events

Finally, a portable bar for events should be built to last. Portability is worth little if the mobile bar can’t handle the wear and tear of constant assembly/disassembly, transportation from venue to venue, and constant use from event to event.

The Professional Portable Bar and Standard Portable Bar are engineered to address durability concerns and is constructed using a high-grade steel that can last a lifetime. Whether you’re concerned with portability, capacity, or durability, our portable bars have all the features necessary to serve your events for many years to come.

Our Portable Bars

If you’re looking for a portable bar for events, our line of space-saving portable bars is designed to improve service, draw attention and drive sales. Watch our video of the Professional Portable Bar below to see how each of our products work or download our product catalog to see our full line.

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