Mobile Bar Design Ideas

What features would you incorporate if you were trying to design the perfect mobile bar?

Watch a Video of Mobile Bars for Sale in Action

Watch a Video of Mobile Bars for Sale in Action

Here at The Portable Bar Company, this was the guiding question that helped inspire The Professional Portable Bar. The Professional Portable Bar is the pinnacle of mobile bar design – incorporating a balanced mix of sleek styling, convenient portability, high functionality, rugged durability, and surprising affordability.

The Perfect Mobile Bar Design

High Grade Construction & Materials
One of the top priorities in designing The Professional Portable Bar was maximizing durability. The Professional Portable Bar was constructed with a high-grade steel frame, covered with beautiful, lightweight acrylic panels, and set on top of 6 heavy-duty casters.

Lightening Quick Setup & Packing
While The Professional Portable Bar was built to last, we also had to consider the needs of the hospitality industry. Portability is a key requirement for anyone who needs a portable bar for events. The Professional Portable Bar was engineered so that a single person can easily setup or pack the bar within minutes. When packed, The Professional Portable Bar folds into an incredible 14” depth to allow for easy storage.

Mounting Brackets For Beer Taps
With 3 mounting brackets for beer taps, the Professional Portable Bar is the first portable bar designed to be compatible with kegs.

Large Speed Rail
When you’re serving large events with hundreds of guests, the ability to quickly serve drinks and avoid a long lineup is critical. With a large speed rail capable of putting 18 750ml liquor bottles within the bartender’s reach, The Professional Portable Bar ensures that your guests will never go thirsty.

Foldable Grid Storage Space
Because serving large events means lots of equipment and alcohol, we’ve designed The Professional Portable Bar to safely hold up to 200lbs in the bottom grid storage space.

Intelligent Details
In addition to considering the broad aspects of design, we also wanted to ensure that every last detail of the bartending experience was covered. The Professional Portable Bar comes with a myriad of features designed to make the bartender’s life easy – this includes cup racks, multiple ice bins, cutting boards, a towel holder, paper towel holder, knife rack, and plenty of foldable shelving space.

Sleek Look & Versatile Design
While durability, portability and functionality were key components in the design of The Professional Portable Bar, there was never room to compromise on aesthetics. The sleek, angled surfaces and glossy powder white of The Professional Portable Bar was carefully considered to offer an appearance that would be just as suited at a high-end cocktail party as a rowdy beer garden. The acrylic panels are elongated to cover the heavy-duty casters, giving this highly mobile bar a permanent appearance.

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To add to The Professional Portable Bar’s already exceptional versatility, The Professional Portable Bar easily accommodates custom graphics for branding, advertising, or your own eye-popping designs on all four panels – the front, sides, as well as the counter top. Finally, we incorporated an LED lighting option that allows the user to fit the bar with one of 133 different LED lighting options to give The Professional Portable Bar a cool, trendy nighttime look.

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See our Professional Portable Bar in Action

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