Portable Bars On Wheels

Portable Bars On Wheels

Having a portable bar on wheels offers an added level of convenience for anyone looking for a mobile bar, ensuring that a single person can roll the bar into position.  Mobile bars on wheels are ideal for event promoters, party planners, mobile bartenders, and others in the hospitality industry

Select Heavy Duty Casters

Size, weight, and durability are important considerations when searching for mobile portable bars for commercial events.  Will you be using the mobile bar to serve at large events?  If you’re serving hundreds of guests, it’s important to choose a bar that can handle the high volume.  The bar should have plenty of shelving and storage space for all the alcohol and bar equipment.  It should also have enough counter space to accommodate bartenders.

Purchasing a large bar can backfire if the materials and craftsmanship can’t support additional alcohol, kegs, or equipment.  For high traffic events, high grade, durable steel is preferable to lighter-weight, but less durable metals such as aluminum.  Portable bars on wheels need heavy-duty casters that can handle a heavy load.  Also, consider looking for portable bars that are supported by 6 wheels rather than 4.  The extra 2 wheels help spread the weight of the equipment so your mobile bar can last a long time.

Choose Portable Bars On Wheels That Have A Seamless Look

While having your mobile bar mounted on high quality, heavy-duty casters are important, it’s also important that your bar doesn’t look cheap or flimsy.  Whether you’re looking for a portable bar for your house or you’re shopping for commercial portable bars, the appearance of permanence adds class to the look of your mobile bar.  Both the Professional Portable Bar and The Standard Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company come with acrylic panels that extend to the floor in order to cover the casters.  The sleek, powder-white panels help give the bars a seamless, permanent appearance.  They also help maximize the space available for advertising or branding.

If you’re shopping for a portable bar on wheels, the Professional Portable Bar and The Standard Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company offer a great blend of portability, durability and great looks at a reasonable price.

Our Portable Bars

If you’re looking for a portable bar on wheels, our line of space-saving portable bars is designed to improve service, draw attention and drive sales. Watch our video of the Professional Portable Bar below to see how each of our products work or download our product catalog to see our full line.

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This post was originally posted on 8/24/2012

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