Portable Bars For Sale

When you’re looking at the various portable bars for sale in the marketplace, it’s easy to get carried away just thinking about price and features.  Whether you’re trying to save money or looking for something fancy – what you should really be thinking about is the reasons you need a portable bar.  There’s no point in buying the cheapest portable bar available if you’re throwing a fancy garden party for 500 guests, and there’s no point investing in an expensive, high end mobile bar with LED lighting, the finest available materials, and room for 3 beer kegs if you just plan to entertain a dozen friends on the occasional long weekend.

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Portable Bars For Sale

If you’re looking for portable bars for sale, here are some important questions to consider in choosing the right portable bar for your needs.

What is your budget?

It’s important to know your budget in advance, but knowing your budget is not necessarily about trying to find the lowest price – it’s about knowing what your options are.   Knowing your budget allows you to narrow the list of portable bars and features available to you and make your decision easier. We offer two different portable bars for sale to accomodate different budgets.

The Professional Portable Bar is our full-featured portable bar. It comes with everything that an event or commercial situation would demand including cup racks, paper towel and towel holders, and a cup rack.

Portable Bars for Sale

The Standard Portable Bar offers all the core functionality of the Professional Portable Bar: the sunken speed well, cutting boards, ice bins, and a stylish appearance.

Portable Bars

Is the portable bar going to be used for commercial purposes?

If you’re a promoter, professional party planner, event planner, or otherwise involved in the hospitality industry, it’s worth investing in a product that is constructed out of higher grade materials. A portable bar that’s constantly being moved to different locations and handled by a large number of different individuals is going to take a beating over time.  While there are mobile bars for sale in a variety of different materials, we highly recommend choosing a mobile bar that’s constructed out of high-grade materials. Our portable bars are made from high-grade steel frame and quality acrylic panels.

Do you have advertising or branding requirements?

If you’re purchasing a mobile bar for commercial purposes then you may want to purchase a bar that’s setup to accommodate custom graphics.  Our portable bars for sale allow you to wrap the front, sides and even top of your portable bar with logos/designs for your company or event gives your portable bar added flexibility in terms of appearance.  You can also wrap your portable bar in advertising for an additional stream of revenue.

Portable Bars For Sale

Will you be entertaining at night?

If you’re going to be entertaining at night, consider purchasing a portable bar with built-in LED lighting.  The right LED lighting is not only practical, but it can also add a cool vibe to your party or event.

How many people will you entertain?sidebar-download-catalog

How big are your events?  Portable bars come in a variety of sizes.  Some have space for a single bartender, some have space for 2.  Some have enough countertop and serving space to handle a high volume of customers and guests while others do not.  If you’re hosting large gatherings, you should choose a portable bar that can handle a high traffic volume.  The last thing a good party needs is a 10 minute line-up at the bar and thirsty guests, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Our Portable Bars

If you’re looking for a portable bar, our line of space-saving portable bars is designed to improve service, draw attention and drive sales. Watch our video of the Professional Portable Bar below to see how each of our products work or download our product catalog to see our full line.

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Due to extremely high order volume and freight carrier delays, please expect a lead time of 4-10 weeks.
Call us at 877-958-7901 if you need your bar by a specific date. We recommend placing your orders early to build in the delays. Dismiss