Portable Bar Set

Looking for a portable bar set?  These small kits usually come with glasses, bottle opener, shaker, and room for your favorite bottles of liquor.  While a small portable travel bar set can be great for small gatherings of 3-4 people or as a great party/wedding gift, they have little to offer party hosts or event organizers looking to serve drinks at larger gatherings.

For a more serious portable bar unit, consider looking into a full sized portable bar table.  A full sized portable bar unit will add convenience and flair to your next party or event.  If you’re purchasing a portable bar for home, there are a few key factors to consider.

How Will You Use Your Portable Bar Set?

How you plan to use your portable bar is the most important factor in choosing the right portable bar.  If you’re placing your mobile bar unit in a single room with no plans to move it around, then the most important factor is that the style and design of the portable bar looks good in the room and matches the furniture and décor.  You’ll also want to choose portable bar stools and tables that match your bar unit.

If you plan to use your portable bar outdoors or move your portable bar from room to room, or from inside your home to your backyard – then portability and durability are also important factors.  Choose a portable bar on wheels that’s built to last.  You may also want to select a design that conceals the wheels so that your portable bar unit projects an appearance of permanence – despite being highly portable.

What Type Of Drinks Would You Like To Serve?

If you’re just serving simple drinks like beer and classic drinks such as rum and coke or whiskey on the rocks, then a simple bar unit with room for some bottles, glasses, a shaker, and ice will be sufficient for your needs.  If you want to serve fancier cocktails, you might also want a cutting board and additional bar equipment like a blender.  Some portable bars also come equipped with mounting brackets for beer taps for those who love draft beer straight from the tap.

The Standard Portable Bar vs. The Professional Portable Bar

Here at The Portable Bar Company, we offer two main configurations of our best-selling portable bar product.  The Professional Portable Bar is the luxury model – complete with extra gridded storage space, 3 mounting brackets for beer taps, a knife holder, cup racks, towel holders, paper towel holders, and an extra large speed rail.  The Standard Portable Bar comes with fewer features and less storage space, but is 50lbs lighter and priced more economically.

Portable Bar Set

Both The Professional and Standard bars come in a sleek, modern design constructed in a high-grade steel frame.  They’re wrapped with elongated acrylic panels that extend to the floor in order to hide the 6 heavy-duty casters.  They also come with ice bins, cutting boards, a foldable shelf, lots of counter space, full customizability of the side, front, and counter spaces, and accommodation for LED lighting.

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