Mobile Bars

Whether you’re serving drinks on your back porch, catering weddings, organizing corporate events, or throwing formal cocktail parties – mobile bars help you deliver a constant flow of refreshments your guests or customers.  With the right mobile bar unit, your guests and customers will have easy access to all the refreshing beer and exotic cocktails they can handle.

Tips For Choosing The Right Mobile Bars

There are four key considerations to take into account when you’re looking at mobile bars for sale: portability, durability, design, and features.  Choosing a mobile bar unit with the right blend of these four factors will ensure that your guests or customers, bartenders, and even you – the organizer – have a great party experience.

Mobile Bars


Portability may not be a key factor if you’re only using your portable bar for home use, but portability is absolutely crucial if you need a commercial portable bar for events or parties.  Being able to safely and easily transport your portable bar from venue to venue can save you money and ensure that you get the most use possible out of your mobile bar unit.  Look for mobile bar units that can be quickly set up and taken down – preferably by a single person.

Customized Mobile Bar



If you’re constantly moving your portable bar from venue to venue, you’ll want to ensure that you’re purchasing a durable product.  A well-constructed portable bar built from quality material like high-grade steel should last for many years.  Also, pay special attention to the quality of any parts that could be vulnerable to damage in transit – such as the casters/wheels of your mobile bar unit.  Investing in a mobile bar unit with quality parts, materials, and construction will save you plenty of money and headaches down the road.


Design is always an important factor – especially when it comes to planning for commercial events.   Unless you specialize in a very specific type of event, choose a portable bar that will look just as good at a formal cocktail party as it would at an outdoor concert.  Look for a portable bar with a functional modern design and customizability.


The features behind your bar can greatly affect your bartender’s ability to serve your guests/customers – especially if you have a busy event.  The most important issue to consider is whether or not your bartender will have the storage capability and quick access to bottles/equipment needed to keep your guests and customers with drinks in their hand.  A large speed rail, lots of counter space and the right amount of shelf/storage space will ensure that your bartender(s) can handle even the busiest events.  Additional features such as mounting brackets for beer taps, ice bins, cutting boards, and holders for knives/towels can also help make your bartender’s life easier.

For a mobile bar unit with a balanced blend of high portability, rugged durability, versatile design, and all the features your bartender will need, consider The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company.

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