Mobile Bar For Sale

Choosing the right mobile bar amongst the hundreds of different mobile bars for sale is about making a decision based on your own needs.  Understanding the features and capability you’ll require from your mobile bar will make it easy to choose a mobile bar for sale that can handle anything you throw at it.

Mobile Bar For Sale

Commercial Mobile Bars vs. Portable Bars For Home Use

Are you looking at mobile bars for commercial use or do you just need a mobile bar to entertain at home?  Your approach to purchasing a portable bar will be very different if you’re just purchasing a portable bar for home use or personal gatherings, compared to purchasing a portable bar to serve at commercial events.  While the purchase of a portable bar for home use will depend largely on finding a bar with a style that fits your home décor, has the features you like, and a price that fits your budget –  purchasing a mobile bar for commercial purposes also means considering the type and tone of the events you’ll serve, the mobile bar’s portability, durability, and the capacity of the mobile bar to handle the volume of drinks served at your events.

Mobile Bar For Sale

Portability & Durability

When you’re using your portable bar at home, you might move it occasionally from room to room, or from the inside of your home to your backyard.  But for commercial events and parties, a mobile bar may be constantly transported from venue to venue.  If your commercial needs require moving the portable bar from venue to venue, you’ll want to ensure that the bar is easy to setup, takedown, and transport.  A well designed portable bar should be easily setup and taken down by a single person within minutes.  It should also have a level of durability that can handle the constant assembly, disassembly, and transportation.

Bartending Features

If you’ve found a mobile bar for sale with the right style, quality and price, you still need to ensure that the mobile bar has all the features your bartender will need to serve your guests.  Mobile bars can range from being simple table tops with a little shelf space to full-featured mobile bar units that offer everything from mounting brackets for beer taps, ice bins, knife holders and more.

If you’re purchasing a portable bar for home use, then you can simply select a portable bar the features you personally use and understand.  But if you’re looking at portable bars for commercial events, then ensuring that your bartender has all the features he/she needs to properly serve your guests is paramount.  Here are some features you’ll want to have in your portable bar to make your bartender’s life easy:

  • Speed rail with lots of room
  • Ice bins
  • Cutting boards
  • Towel holder
  • Paper towel holder
  • Knife holder
  • Lots of storage space

The Professional Portable Bar

For anyone seeking a mobile bar that seamlessly integrates a balance of ultra-portability, heavy-duty durability, sleek design, and luxurious bartending features, The Professional Portable Bar should be the #1 choice.

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