Mobile Bar Equipment

Are you looking for mobile bar equipment for your next party or event?  Having the right portable bar equipment in place will ensure that your party or event is a hit – no matter what the venue.   Depending on your party or event needs, your mobile bar equipment requirements can range from simple to complex.  Whether you’re a promoter, caterer, private bartender for hire, or otherwise involved in the hospitality industry – here are some portable bar equipment options to consider:

Mobile Bar Equipment

Kegs & Beer Taps

Everyone loves grabbing a crisp, cool bottle of beer from a chest of ice, but they also love fresh cool beer straight from the tap.  If you’re interested in serving draft beer at any of your events or parties, you’ll want to purchase a portable bar that is compatible with kegs.  The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company is the first portable bar to be compatible with kegs.  It comes with 3 mounting brackets for beer taps, so your guests/customers can enjoy a variety of fresh brews – no matter what the venue.

Bar Blender

Just because you’re moving from venue to venue doesn’t mean your portable bar can’t offer a full selection of drinks.  From margaritas, to daiquiris, to a wide range of other blended cocktails – having a bar blender on-site is a simple, affordable way to add many popular icy cocktails to your drink menu.  On a hot summer evening, it’s an absolute must.


Most bartenders mix drinks with juices from boxes or bottles.  While this is sufficient for most events, sometimes you’ll want a little more.  If you want to give your party a more exotic flair, consider having your bartenders prepare juices right in front of your party guests’ eyes.  Portable juicers are relatively cheap but can make a big difference in terms of presentation, as well as the taste and freshness of your guests’ drinks.  While having a juicer unit onsite can bring something extra to your events, ensure that you have the staff onsite to handle the additional labor, as well as space at your portable bar to accommodate the additional process.

Portable Bar

Lastly, the most important equipment choice you’ll make is choosing the right portable bar.  Having a portable bar that’s affordable, convenient to transport from event to event, easy on the eyes, and feature-rich will help ensure that party guests’ drink needs are fully taken care of.  The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company comes fully equipped with a wide range of features designed to make your bartender’s life easy and keep your party guests fully topped off at all times.

Mobile Bar Equipment

The large speed rail gives your bartender quick and easy access to a variety of alcohols and liquors, while the large counter space makes it easy to serve multiple guests.  Details like dual ice bins, cutting boards, a knife holder, paper towel holder, and towel holder also help keep things running smoothly.  Finally, the 3 mounting brackets for beer taps means that you can easily serve fresh draft beer – even from your portable bar unit.

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