Portable Bar Cart

If you are organizing large events – especially if they’re outdoors – you may be weighing up the benefits of purchasing smaller portable bar carts versus investing in a larger mobile bar trailer.  Mobile bar trailers offer certain advantages over a smaller portable bar cart for large outdoor events like festivals, fairs, or concerts.

Mobile bar trailers are large, self-contained mobile bar units that can be hitched to a small truck or van and moved to most outdoor venues.  Because mobile bar trailers are significantly larger than smaller mobile bar units, they can accommodate more servers and help centralize the beverage dispensing for a large event.  As self-contained units, they also allow the organizers to store and transport equipment and alcohol with ease, while smaller portable bar carts generally can’t store equipment while in transit.

Portable Bar Cart

Why A Portable Bar Cart May Still Be The Better Choice

While larger mobile bar trailers offer certain logistical advantages over mobile bar carts for large-scale outdoor events – as well as indoor events with venues suitable for trailers – mobile bar carts offer many advantages over mobile bar trailers that make them the better choice for the majority of events.  Mobile bar trailers require a significantly larger initial investment than smaller portable bar carts.  Furthermore, a mobile bar trailer will have ongoing maintenance requirements that portable bar carts simply don’t have.  Mobile bar trailers also require a garage or parking lot space for storage, whereas well-designed portable bar carts can be folded away.  For example, The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company can fold to a depth of just 14” for easy transportation and storage.  This greatly minimizes the storage space required between events, helping to minimize the overall cost of owning the mobile bar unit.

In addition to certain practical concerns, mobile bar trailers are also unsuitable for many types of events.  If you plan on hosting formal indoor events, then a mobile bar trailer may not be an appropriate choice.  Mobile bar trailers are also unsuitable for certain types of outdoor events – multiple portable bar carts would be a better choice for an outdoor wedding or garden party than a single mobile bar trailer.

On the other hand, portable bar carts – like The Professional or Standard Portable Bar units from The Portable Bar Company – are affordable and versatile.  They can easily be packed into a small van for transport to any venue and can be setup and taken down in minutes by a single person.  They require virtually no maintenance and can be folded to a depth of only 14” for easy transportation and storage.  Despite being extremely economical and portable – with high quality acrylic panels and a frame made out of 100% high-grade steel – these portable bar carts are also built to last.  The versatile design also accommodates custom graphics on the side panels, front panel, as well as the counter – so you can wrap your company or event’s branding, your own customized design, or even 3rd party advertising to your portable bar cart.

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