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Like standard bars, portable bars come in a wide variety of prices, styles, feature sets, materials, and designs.  On the one hand, you can find simple portable bar designs that are little more than a table surface and a shelf or two for storage.  For someone just looking to host the occasional barbeque amongst close friends or serve refreshments after an intimate dinner party, this simple design might be sufficient.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also find expensive, high concept mobile bars that are custom designed for special corporate events, high-end restaurants, clubs or casinos.  These high concept bars may be constructed out of expensive materials and often incorporate custom designs that may need specially machining to produce.  These high concept products can cost tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and are generally outside the price range or needs of the average party host.  However, they may be just right for party hosts or event organizers with the right budget and desire to impress.

Portable Bar Designs

For those hosting hot summer parties, there are even swim up portable bars that can transform a simple pool into a unique summertime party venue.  While there may be specialized portable bar designs suitable for specific types of events or parties, most event organizers need a modern, versatile portable bar design that will look just as good at a casual beachside party as it would at a formal cocktail party.

Practical Portable Bar Designs For Commercial Events

One of the other key aspects of portable bar design is to give the mobile bar a permanent-looking appearance – while still maintaining portability.  Although a cheaper, flimsier looking portable bar may be appropriate for casual events and smaller budgets – clever design and engineering can give even reasonably priced portable bars a permanent look.  By using quality materials, sturdy construction, and elongated panels that extend to cover any wheels or casters, clever mobile bar manufacturers can quickly put a classy looking bar in virtually any venue.

The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company is modeled on a classic bar design.  It has elongated steel panels that extend to shield the 6 heavy-duty casters from view as well as a sleek, wide counter-top.  This classic bar design is accentuated by a modern coat of glossy, powder white.  This makes the Professional Portable Bar extremely versatile, giving it a style that fits a broad array of events – from casual to formal, from wild and crazy to quiet and reserved.  The Professional Portable Bar is also fully customizable, allowing the host to wrap the front, sides and top of the bar with their own branding, design, or advertising.  In addition to its modern looks, The Professional Portable Bar still retains a high level of portability, capable of being folded to a depth of only 14”.

To make the bartender’s life easy, The Professional Portable Bar also comes with convenient features such as cup racks, towel & knife holders, dual ice bins, cutting boards, foldable shelves, a large speed rail, mounting brackets for beer taps, and lots of storage space.

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