Mobile Bar Trailer

Mobile bar trailers are large bar units that can be towed by vehicle – usually by a small truck – to any outdoor venue. Mobile bar trailers are best suited for extremely large outdoor events with a high volume of customers such as concerts, festivals, fairs, and major sporting events. A mobile bar trailer allows an event organizer to essentially transport the inside of a bar to any remote location. While smaller portable bars can generally accommodate 1-2 bartenders, a mobile bar trailer may accommodate 3, 4 or more servers at a time. Some mobile bar trailers even come equipped with a fully functioning sink.

For large outdoor events, another benefit of mobile bar trailers is that they come equipped with overhead coverings for bartenders and customers. Mobile bar trailers offer built-in protection from the elements – whether it’s sunny or rainy.

Because they can be towed into place, portable bar trailers can also store significantly more equipment and alcohol than even the largest mobile portable bar units. Mobile bar trailers generally come with towing gear including road wheels, brakes, and road lights, meaning the mobile bar trailer – along with hundreds of pounds of bar equipment and alcohol – can be easily moved to any venue that’s accessible by small truck.

And because the alcohol and equipment is already inside the bar, the whole unit can be quickly setup and deployed. With smaller mobile bar carts, bar equipment and alcohol must be removed and stored separately for transport.

When To Choose Mobile Bar Carts Over Mobile Bar Trailers

While mobile bar trailers hold certain advantages for anyone looking to serve beverages at a large outdoor event, there are also disadvantages to choosing mobile bar trailers over smaller portable bar units. Mobile bar trailers are extremely expensive, meaning most event organizers will have to lease rather than own. There are also added costs required to maintain mobile bar trailers.

Having one mobile bar trailer versus several portable bars also means that your guests will have to assemble in one location to get drinks, whereas smaller mobile bar carts can be spread throughout your venue. Mobile bar trailers are also generally unsuitable for most indoor events – especially formal parties/gatherings.

If you regularly organize outdoor events that require serving thousands of people, investing in a mobile bar trailer may be worth your while. Mobile bar trailers allow event organizers to conveniently haul hundreds, even thousands of pounds of bar equipment and alcohol. In certain setups, they also allow the servers access to the convenience of modern plumbing.

For most events however, promoters and organizers are best served by investing in lighter, more mobile portable bar units. They’re cheaper, simpler to setup/tear down, require no maintenance, and are much easier to store. The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company comes fully equipped with everything a bartender needs to serve the majority of events and parties – both indoors and outdoors. And unlike a mobile bar trailer, it can easily be folded to a depth of just 14” and stored away until the next event.

See our Professional Portable Bar in Action

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