Mobile Bar Manufacturers

Mobile bar manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve on the mobile bars that are currently available on the market. Whether it’s making them more portable, reducing production costs, improving the design, or adding new features – mobile bar manufacturers are continuously working to improve the experience of your guests, customers, and bartender at your next event.

Here at The Portable Bar Company, we’ve implemented a number of features in our newest portable bar product – The Professional Portable Bar – that we hope you and your customers/guests will find useful.

Super Easy Folding & Highly Portable

Not all portable bars are created equal, especially when it comes to portability and ease of setup. We’ve designed The Professional Portable Bar to be setup or packed by a single person in just a couple of minutes.

  • To setup The Professional Portable Bar, all you need to do is:
  • Remove the speed rail, bar top, and bottom shelf
  • Swing out both side panels and latch in place
  • Swing up the working surface
  • Open the top shelf and insert the ice bins
  • Attach the speed rail and add the bar surface

Once setup, you’ll get an impressive, permanent looking structure capable of offering mobile bar service for events both large and small. But when folded, The Professional Portable Bar is only 14” deep, meaning you get a thin structure that can easily be rolled into place by a single person, loaded onto a truck, or cheaply stored away. At only 270 lbs, The Professional Portable Bar is one of the lightest full-featured portable bars constructed from a long-lasting, high grade steel frame.

Eye Grabbing LED Lighting

The Professional Portable bar comes with 133 different lighting options, letting you keep the look of your bar hip and fresh at nighttime events.

3 Mounting Brackets For Beer Taps

The Professional Portable Bar is the first portable bar product to be compatible with beer kegs. The 3 mounting brackets for beer taps mean that you can offer fresh draft beer to your guests and customers.

Versatile Design

The design of The Professional Portable Bar was carefully considered to look just as good at casual gatherings as it does at formal events. The Professional Portable Bar takes a classic bar design and wraps it in a sleek, glossy white powder shell. Elongated acrylic panels extend all the way to the ground, covering the 6 heavy duty casters that give the bar its impressive mobility. The Professional Portable Bar can even be wrapped in your own custom graphics, branding, or even advertising.

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Details That Bartenders Will Appreciate

In addition to portability, durability, and aesthetics, the details of The Professional Portable Bar were also carefully considered to maximize bartender efficiency. From the dual ice bins, the foldable shelves, the cutting boards, knife holder, paper towel holder, the high capacity speed rail, and the impressive storage space, the bartender’s every potential concern has been considered and addressed.

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