Mobile Bar Cart

While mobile bar trailers are frequently used by event organizers hosting large-scale outdoor events such as fairs, festivals, and concerts, the mobile bar cart actually offers several advantages over larger mobile bar trailers. In most situations, mobile bar carts should be the refreshment serving unit of choice for promoters and organizers.

Advantages of Mobile Bar Trailers

While mobile bar carts are cheaper, more versatile and the correct choice for most events or parties, there are certainly a few major reasons to deploy mobile bar trailers. Mobile bar trailers are self-contained trailers that can be attached to a vehicle and deployed to an event. Mobile bar trailers are significantly larger than carts and can store more equipment and alcohol. They allow multiple servers to work in one unit – simplifying the logistics of serving a major event with a high volume of guests. Because they’re self-contained units, there’s also no need to transport equipment and alcohol separately – the mobile bar trailer can simply be hitched to a small truck and deployed to the desired venue.

On the other hand, mobile bar trailers are extremely expensive and require a significantly higher initial investment than mobile bar carts. They also have higher maintenance requirements and require greater storage space when they’re not in use – generally, they will need to be stored in a parking lot, garage, or a large warehouse. This adds to the overall expense of owning a mobile bar trailer. And while mobile bar trailers are expensive to purchase and maintain, they’re still only suitable for large outdoor events and not for smaller gatherings, parties, or formal events.

Advantages of Mobile Bar Carts

Mobile bar carts are portable bar units that can be packed and transported by van or truck to any venue. Mobile bar carts are not only affordable to purchase, but they require little to no maintenance. A well-designed mobile bar cart is also easy to setup and teardown. The Professional Portable Bar for example can be setup or taken down within minutes by a single individual. Storage is as simple as folding up the mobile bar unit and putting it in a corner – The Professional Portable Bar can fold to a depth of only 14”. Well-designed mobile bar carts are also extremely versatile and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor events, formal or casual events, and small gatherings as well as large events.

While some mobile bar carts suffer from design flaws that make them look cheap or flimsy, a well-designed mobile bar cart can project a classy, permanent appearance. If you’re looking for an easy-to-deploy mobile bar cart with a sleek design, high-end construction – as well as tons of unique features designed to make a bartender’s life easy – consider The Professional Portable Bar from The Portable Bar Company. The Portable Professional Bar Cart will look just as good at a casual barbeque as a formal cocktail party. The Professional Portable Bar can also be setup or taken down by a single person in just minutes and folded to a depth of only 14” for easy transportation or storage.

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