The Portable Cocktail Bar

Portable Cocktail Bar

See how the Professional Portable Bar can Easily be Set Up as Portable Cocktail Bar

So you’ve already got at least one portable bar (and if not, why not?!)

Here are a few other ways your most useful new asset can be put to work.

I’ll assume you already using it as a way of extending your usual bar at peak times. That it is doing a good job handling your patio or pool area when they’re busy.  It already turns function rooms into private corporate bar areas after the delegates have spent a long day slaving over their conference papers.  And you know it doubles up as a registration point for conferences, and is an effective coffee cart.

So I thought it would be fun to look at some portable cocktail bar ideas!

The Color Cocktail Bar

Set your color themes for the whole event with the bar. Green bar, green cocktails, maybe, for St. Patricks Day.  Nice and simple.

Of course you can change the color of the LED lights at the press of a button, and spin your cocktails to match.  The music changes? The bar changes color and suddenly it’s a red bar, and only red cocktails are being served.

The Sports Cocktail Bar

The trigger doesn’t have to be music.  Big game on the screen? If Chicago and Green Bay are grinding one out, you can set the portable cocktail bar for your team’s colors. The serious sports fans might not even notice but their long-suffering companions will love it. And be happy to come back.

The Garden Bar

The weather is wonderful and your grounds are looking their best.  Why not set up a portable cocktail bar at the furthest point, to encourage guests to linger and make it easy for them to get service.  After all, that’s the point, and the beauty, of a portable bar.

The Flairtending Display

Nothing beats watching a top cocktail barman strutting his stuff, but it does affect normal bar service. A portable cocktail bar is the ideal answer, whether you keep the show going for the whole event or just wheel it in for a fun display for a specific time.

If you’re looking for a portable cocktail bar for you next event, check out our Professional Bar by watching the video below:

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