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The World Whiskey Masterclass

David Broom is a whiskey enthusiast who recently launched “The World Masterclass of Whiskey“. Joining the world masterclass costs $149 and will educate you about all things whiskey (taste, history, etc…).

Here’s what the masterclass is all about:

The world’s finest and most comprehensive whisky course – with detailed lessons, high-definition footage of over 50 of the world’s leading distilleries, and cutting edge online assessment.

4bars.com.au had a look at the program:

If you sign on for the program you’ll be well rewarded with the content. At the moment there’s five levels, with numerous individual modules spread throughout. Included are: whisky ingredients, focus on water, labels and regulations, malting & kilning, mashing, distillation – get the picture? It’s exceptionally detailed and the interactive tasting sessions are a superb way to broaden your understanding of specific expressions.

Especially bartenders seem to be Broom’s target market:

Not only is there a growing desire by bartenders for information, but a growing need for them to know the stories behind spirits in order to sell and make better drinks.”

Click here to read the original article: Whisky educator hits the world wide web on 4bars.com.au.


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