Why Hotel Bars Attract New Customers

Think about the last time you had a meeting, attended a business conference or checked into a hotel. At some point, you most likely were wishing you could get a drink in that packed banquet room or didn’t have to get out of the pool and go all the way back to the hotel bar for your next refreshment.

Waiting in lobby

Most hotels & resorts offer customers the option of purchasing refreshments in their room but fall short when it comes to offering drink service in other areas people congregate. Hotel bars are a popular place for business meetings — especially when you’re on the road or out-of-town clients are visiting.

Adding a bar to the banquet room, poolside, rooftop or lobby not only attracts new customers, it creates an additional source of revenue and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Rooftop bar? Why not. The rooftop is a great bet for less official meetings, it’s a favorite among younger, more scene-savvy clients.

Rooftop Flash Bar at Night

You do not necessarily need a bar in the banquet room during every event or a bar sitting in the lobby year round.This is where a portable bar comes in. Having a mobile bar that can quickly be broken down and moved is the key.

Only a portable bar allows you to add an outdoor bar poolside only when it’s needed during the summer months then move the bar into the banquet room to cater a large event or create a temporary cocktail lounge in the lobby.

Here at The Portable Bar Company, we know that hotels and resorts want all the benefits of a portable bar but do not want to sacrifice the atmosphere they have created for guests. That is why we created the Flash Bar.

The flash bar

The Flash Bar is the first high-quality, customizable modular bar that truly has the look and feel of a permanent bar.

This mobile bar can be broken down in minutes to be moved to another location or stored for future use. Depending on the amount of segments ordered there is also the option of breaking one larger bar down into two, three or even four smaller bars.

Flash Bar

Being made out of stainless steel the Flash Bar has commercial portable bar quality and can be customized with signage, LED’s, and textured laminate.

Click Here to see more examples of how our customers are using the Flash Bar.

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