Dear Bar Owner, Your Margarita Sucks (How To Make A Real Margarita)

The Mission: To improve Margarita quality throughout the world

Most margaritas suck: bar owners use low quality ingredients and not enough Tequila. Our goal is to make the world a better place by raising awareness, one bar owner at a time.

We the People have the right to get drunk on Margaritas containing LARGE amounts of alcohol. Click to tweet.

What’s the fuss all about?

Tragically, the margarita has been bastardized in modern times. Being a trendy modern drink, many restaurants and bars are trying cut corners by making margaritas as quickly and cheaply as they can.

As a result, margaritas suffer from poor quality more often than most other cocktails. Oftentimes they’re made with poor ingredients (or the wrong ingredients altogether). Frequently they are made using packaged mixes. The mass produced flavor is more like a Limeade with a little orange than anything else, and it’s not really what a margarita is supposed to taste like. But that’s not the only problem: Many margaritas lack sufficient amounts of tequila.

Blending is another common problem. A real margarita should never be made in a blender.

In this era, many people don’t even know what they should expect when they order a margarita!

How To Make A “Real” Margarita

A real margarita is a “Sour” cocktail and should be made using Tequila, Cointreau triple sec, and a little fresh squeezed lime juice.

“Sours” are all made using a spirit, a cordial and some juice. Some other popular sour cocktails are the Cosmopolitan and Whiskey Sour.

You’ll only get a high quality margarita by starting with top-notch ingredients. For best results, use:

  • Unaged silver (blanco) tequila (gold tequila is usually artificially flavored and colored)
  • Cointreau (as opposed to another triple sec)
  • fresh lime juice

It isn’t just the ingredients that are important when you’re making a margarita. The way in which they are combined and the amounts which are used are the key to achieving the right balance of flavors. Many recipe books simply advise using equal portions, but this is the lazy solution.

Here’s a better mix:

  • 3 parts tequila
  • 2 parts Contreau
  • 1 part lime juice

Shake with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Optional: You can prepare the cocktail glasss by miostening the rim with lime juice, and then dipping it into coarse salt.

Are you fed up with low quality margaritas?

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We the People have the right to get drunk on Margaritas containing LARGE amounts of alcohol. Click to tweet.

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