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Why Hotel Bars Attract New Customers

Think about the last time you had a meeting, attended a business conference or checked into a hotel. At some point, you most likely were wishing you could get a drink in that packed banquet room or didn’t have to get out of the pool and go all the way back to the hotel bar for […]

Sneak Peek: Auxiliary Ice Bin Coming Soon!

One piece of feedback we’ve heard for the Flash Bar is “more room for ice!” While, the modular ice-bin feature allows you to have storage for ice, it’s sometimes not enough at big events! Here is a sneak peak at our upcoming Auxiliary Ice Bin! We wanted to design a larger ice bin that is […]

Flash Bar Road Case- Store, Protect, and Transport Your Flash Bar

The Flash Bar Road Case is custom built to store, protect, and transport the Flash Bar segments when the bar is broken down and not in use. This is for the mobile bartenders, caterers, rental companies, and other Flash Bar customers that have to move the Flash Bar often for different events or purposes. The […]

Optional Counter Tops on the Flash Bar

In our previous posts, we mentioned some new Flash Bar features that will improve the functionality of the bar. Today, we are excited to talk about a new development that will improve the design and aesthetic of the Flash Bar. The initial Flash Bar came with a thick, glossy black acrylic counter that was easy […]

Sale on the Portable Back Bar until September 30th!

The Back Bar is one of our coolest products. If you host any sort of event, the Back Bar is a MUST  have. The bar can be used as a: Transaction bar to make sales Rolling cart to transport supplies and set up for an event Folding ice/beverage cooler to keep drinks cold and serve […]

Flash Bar Pricing Announcement

Flash Bar Pricing Announcement

The Flash Bar is now live on our site and we are taking orders over the phone. The Flash Bar is the first modular bar system that caters to large events. Set up a unique and professional bar on the fly Expand the bar– shaping the serving area to fit your needs Durable stainless steel […]

Modular Bar for Special Events

Modular Bar for Special Events

[leadplayer_vid id=”53BBC06B7A828″] How is the Flash Bar different from other Portable Bars? Portable bars are great for a wide range of venues; hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, to name a few, but there is one problem. Where they excel in convenience, they are limited in creativity. A portable bar is just that… a portable […]

Draw More Attention With Lighted Portable Bars

Whether you’re running a promotion, launching a new product, or catering a wedding, having a light up bar that draws attention is an effective way for you to differentiate yourself. A Lighted Bar! Lighting draws the eye and directs the viewer’s attention. We can’t help but look at the brightest spot in a room! Lighted mobile […]

Professional Portable Bar for Arkay Campaign

6 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue with a Portable Bar

On the face of it, you wouldn’t think there would be many uses of portable bars for restaurants, and for day to day business you would be right. Your restaurant is probalby offering full table service or it has a separate bar area already. The only problem with the day to day business is that […]

Save $200 on All LED Lights.

Save $200 on All LED Lights.

Beginning this month, we’ve reduced the price to add an LED lighting package to all of our products from $499 to  $299. The LED lighting package includes LED strips pre-installed in your bar and a remote to adjust the lighting to over 130 different options at the push of a button so it’s easy to […]